Normally, Crtl+Shift+V means "paste text without formatting". When I install Adblock Plus or Adblock Edge in Firefox, it intercepts this keystroke to show some of its UI. There is no configuration option to turn that off that I can find. What do I do, short of uninstalling Adblock?


Follow these steps:

  1. Type about:config in your browser address bar

  2. Click on i'll be careful, I promise! button and continue

  3. In the upcoming settings, navigate to extensions.adblockplus.sidebar_key

  4. In the upcoming pop-up erase and type the new string (Shortcut)

  5. Once you change the status you would see the columns changed as

    Status = User Set

    Type = String (depends upon the string/shortcut you gave)

    value = your defined value (i.e new shortcut)

  6. Close the window

  7. Restart the browser to make the changes take effect

For additional reference you can refer here

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