How to have Firefox open all internal links normally ?

  • By “internal”, I mean the links that come from Firefox, the only other links being the links coming from other apps or from the OS.
  • By “normally”, I mean opening the link in its tab.
  • By “all”, I mean all, including “jumping” links — you know, these rude links with the non-standard attribute target="_blank".

This answer from Mozilla support seems to be useful. Quoting from there. You need to set the values marked italic. Just checked with FF v.23.0.1/Windows.

In a new tab, type or paste about:config and press Enter.
Click the button promising to be careful.
In the filter box, type or paste link.o and pause while the list is filtered.
Double click these and set the value as desired:

(A) browser.link.open_newwindow

3 = divert new window to a new tab (default) (checked*)
2 = allow link to open a new window (unchecked*)
1 = force new window into same tab

* First checkbox in Options > Tabs

(B) browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction - for links in Firefox tabs

0 = apply the setting under (A) to ALL new windows (even script windows)
2 = apply the setting under (A) to normal windows, but NOT to script windows with features (default)
1 = override the setting under (A) and always use new windows

(C) browser.link.open_newwindow.override.external - for links in other programs

-1 = apply the setting under (A) to external links (default)
3 = open external links in a new tab in the last active window
2 = open external links in a new window
1 = open external links in the last active tab replacing the current page


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