I have a large html file in which I need to search and replace over 2000 occurrences of specific string. I could do it manually but I'm sure there is a power Vim search and replace command that could do it.

I have footnotes that I need to replace a specific portion of the hyperlink text.

The footnote link is formatted liked this:

<sup><a href='#footnote-2020'>2020</a></sup>

There are over 2000 footnotes each labelled 1-2020. I would like to remove the anchor text (2020 in the example above) and replace it with a *. I would like to leave the href text '#footnote-2020' as it is in order to preserve the link.

Are there any power Vim users who could come up with a quick search and replace command?


  • I can't help you with Vim, but would like an Emacs solution :-P. Or maybe sed? – wingedsubmariner Sep 3 '13 at 2:07

Try this:

:%s,\(<a href='#footnote-\d\+'>\)\d\+\(</a>\),\1*\2,g

To break it down:

% - Operate over the whole file (this is a special range)
,...,..., - Normally the delimiter for :substitute is /, but it can be anything. I used commas because of the </a> tag.
\(...\) - Create a sub-expression, for use in the replacement pattern. Two of these are used.
\d\+ - Match any digit, and the \+ makes it match one or more.
\1 / \2 - In the replace pattern, gets substituted with the first and second sub-expression mentioned earlier.
g - The "g" flag after a replacement pattern says to operate globally in each line, and not just on the first match in a line.

All this and more is explained in :help pattern.txt but that might be overwhelming. There is a book called "Mastering Regular Expressions" that can be helpful.

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