I am using a Samsung R730 laptop - http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/pc-peripherals/notebook-computers/essential/NP-RV711-A01UK-spec

It takes DDR3 RAM. I can't find any specific information on the motherboard, but in general, do you think it would be able to take a single 8 GB stick of DDR3 RAM? One 8GB stick is cheaper than two 4GB sticks.

I am running Windows 8 x64.


According to multiple websites (here, here), your laptop motherboard supports up to 4 GB memory. You can only use 2 GB sticks (1066 MHz).

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I am solving the same problem now. I have a ntb NP-R730 with a 3GB RAM DDR3 1066 MHz. I know, it is possible to upgrade it up to 4 GB. However, in previews is written there is 32-bit Windows which supports up to 3,5 GB RAM only. But it is because of Windows, not because of hardware limite. If you will install up a 64-bit system, you can have up to 8 GB.

I had a same problem with another AMD notebook, where was everywhere written, it supports up to 2 GB (1 + 1). And I have installed 2 + 2 (4 Gigs) and it works. :-)

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