When trying to indent a block of text in an input textfield, for instance to emphasize Markdown code-blocks, the Tab key is already bound to a different action (switching to the next input element).

What is a straightforward way to overcome this issue without using extensions?

I found these two threads, but unfortunately don't have a Numpad, and the answers presume installed extensions or applications:

How to use Tab key to indent within a textfield (instead of jumping to next element)?

Typing the tab character in browser text boxes

Without having a Numpad, one can use the following key-combination on Linux POSIX Systems:


I am looking for something similar on Windows.


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Using AutoHotkey, the following one-line script can send Alt+09 whenever F12 is pressed:

F12:: Send {LAlt DOWN}{Numpad0}{Numpad9}{LAlt UP}

I have tested this on Chrome for a textarea tag with NumLock on and off, and it worked for both cases. It might not work when the webpage includes JavaScript that handles entered keys.

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