When printing a LibreOffice Table, LibreOffice will automaticaly place the pagebreaks so that they appear after/before a row. When having many tall rows this results in a heavy paper-usage. How can I allow LibreOffice to break within a row?

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The LibreOffice suite provides printing areas for manual adjusting output document.

  1. To switch to this mode click View -> Page break Preview
  2. Now select first area which you would like to print and click Format -> Print Ranges -> Define
  3. Select other zones consequently and press Format -> Print Ranges -> Add on each

enter image description here

You may manually edit these zones in this dialog Format -> Print Ranges -> Edit

You may also adjust default settings in sheet style menu. Select tab Styles on sidebar. Select subtab Page Styles. Select Default, right click Modify and select last tab called Sheet. Section Scale and PAge order is what you want.

You may find additional help on LibreOffice help page

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