I have been keeping copious notes in OneNote2007. Recently, I've had two instances of data loss. The most recent involved keeping the main OneNote files on a NAS server, which I had been primarily accessing from a single desktop. I changed over to a newer desktop, and when I open my file from there, it is missing roughly 1 week of the latest OneNote data.

The funny thing, the current data still shows when I open the same file on the old computer.

I'm wondering:

  1. How can I get all my data to show on the new computer?
  2. How reliable is Onenote2007 if it so easily loses data like this? Wherever I record my notes, it pretty much needs to be rock-solidly reliable.

EDIT - More info: When I try a manual sync, it says "This notebook is not connected. Changes are not being synchronized.". When I go to Tools-Options-Save-Paths, I changed backup and default notebook location to the network share. It won't let me change the unfiled notes section, and the cache is still local.


Did you loose the synchronization ability on one of the computers? It doesn't sound like you had actual data loss in this case, just unsynchronized data.

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  • I tend to shut down the computers at night...but then turn them on again in the morning. I wonder if I disconnect things before it synchronizes, if it may "forget" to synchronize when the connection is re-established. Any idea how to force a sync? – alchemical Nov 2 '09 at 16:49
  • If you right click on the notebook name from within OneNote, there should be a menu item to synchronize the notebook. I know this is true on OneNote 2010, and I seem to remember it from 2007 too. – Jim Deville Nov 2 '09 at 20:30
  • Thanks, I found it but ran into issues--see edits to question. – alchemical Nov 5 '09 at 6:59
  • 1
    OK--I zeroed in on File-Sync and reset the file location (didn't change it, just reset to the same value), and finally got it to sync! – alchemical Nov 5 '09 at 7:59

OneNote makes use of parts of the SMB protocol (e.g. range locks) that some NAS boxes (which typically run some version of Linux + Samba) do not implement reliably.

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