I recently converted an HTML page to an A4 PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro. The problem is that layout is not split correctly. Is there a way to edit it (insert some blank space) to push all the broken elements together on one page?

enter image description here


It seems that nobody knows the answer to this problem.

This is the reponse i got using adobe help forums.

I wouldn't say that's incorrect, just unwanted. HTML isn't paginated and PDF is, by definition. There doesn't seem to be a way to force page breaks, which is a pity.

How i "solved" the problem?

I put some extra <div style="margin-bottom:?;"> elements into the html, forcing the fake page breaks. But it is a time consuming solution since you dont really know how many free space you need to create, before previewing it as a4.


If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can print the page and save it as PDF file. The layout will be well preserved.

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