I install FireFox for a lot of my clients and tend to install a set of plugins and configurations for the browser. Is there a way to package Firefox with it's settings and plugins and make it easier to distribute?


Yes you can Mozzila; have release a tool called:

Institutional Deployment

It advertised to be able to pre-configure the following:

Deploy options for Firefox (prefs.js, userchrome.css, usercontent.css)
Deploy extensions/themes
Deploy settings for extensions (prefs.js)
Lock down some of the settings (updates to extensions/ app, uninstallation of extensions)
Deploy search-plugins (eg. a custom search-plugin for a Knowledgebase in your Org.)
Deploy bookmarks
Deploy user-interface customisations. (like toolbar settings)
A custom namespace icon (Windows only)
Customise the help page(s).
Name of your Org in the title bar.

You can find more information at the Mozzilla wiki about tools they offer

The content in the wiki is to large to transcribe into Super User answer

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