I'm trying to use Microsoft Onenote 2010 to organise and create notes for a PhD and it has many advantages, but I'm finding the limitations of the format frustrating.

For example, the functionality for creating a page to a certain template etc. works very nicely for creating a notebook page for each academic paper I read, listing a few properties and then my typed / written notes on it and links to similar content etc. Onenote is very useful for being unconstrained as to how much and what type of information I include in the paper's page, along with that information being formattable for visual impact.

However, if I want to organise the pages for my papers by date, I cannot. I can't give a page properties other than to have it include certain information. Ideally I would be able to tell the page to have the property 'Date' with the value '10/09/2013' or whatever, the property 'Author' with value 'L Keal' and have all of this information searchable and sortable, maybe displayed in a main table.

Is there any program that can offer this middle ground between the ease of note-taking software and a database?

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    There are a number of addons/extensions for OneNote that have been written against its API. Certainly page sorting is amongst them (no ideas if only by title, which wouldn't meet your requirements, or more flexible). – Richard Sep 10 '13 at 8:04
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    Have you looked into Evernote? – CLockeWork Sep 10 '13 at 9:04

See if our app Obvibase works for you. It may or may not work for your specific use-case, but it matches exactly the description "middle ground between the ease of note-taking software and a database".

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/obvibase/hoddinokjifhganfcgkjmkkngljebjdj - installable Chrome App that enables better copy/paste.

https://www.obvibase.com - for browsers other than Chrome.


Evernote is better Onenote use it instead.


You can also try these too:



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Have a look at http://www.connectedtext.com/

it is a personal wiki software and has many features that allow you to organize your notes in any way you want.


I used a combo of EndNote (citation software where I could keep all notes on reading in a searchable/sortable way and automate all citation and bibliography) and Scrivener (database writing software that exports easily to word, where I could keep all composition, notes, and fieldnotes in a searchable, sortable way, and it works with EndNote).

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