Because we work with a number of sprites, the kind of specialised diff views provided by Beyond Compare would be ideal to see which one of 2 versions I'm after when conflicts arise.

I've already configured Git to use Beyond Compare as my primary diff and merge tool as described in their integration guide — it specifically goes into how to configure TortoiseSVN to use it for images, and I've found these articles talking about .gitattributes in general and how to script interactions from a *nix shell — but it's not obvious to me how I can use the advice provided by these guides to make a simple change that would say "use the default diff & merge bindings for files determined to be images, too".

For the record, I'm doing all this on Windows :P

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From Using Beyond Compare with Version Control Systems - Git for Windows:

Note: If you use the Git for Windows' Bash Command Prompt instead of the default Windows Command Prompt, you need to escape the $ character with .

For Git 1.7.6 and newer, edit the global config file to set the path


At a Windows command prompt enter the commands:

git config --global diff.tool bc3
git config --global difftool.bc3.path "c:/program files/beyond compare 3/bcomp.exe"

To launch a diff with BC3, use the command "git difftool foofile.txt".

3-way Merge (v3 Pro)

At a Windows command prompt, enter the commands:

git config --global merge.tool bc3
git config --global mergetool.bc3.path "c:/program files/beyond compare 3/bcomp.exe"

Use git merge for the regular merge and git mergetool for the Beyond Compared based merge.

This worked fine with BCompare- and Git-1.8.4-preview20130916.exe:

C:\su-q>git difftool "HEAD^"

Viewing: 'README'
Launch 'bc3' [Y/n]:

Viewing: 'bag_frame.gif'
Launch 'bc3' [Y/n]:

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