I want Firefox to be able to cache webpages such that I can read the pages later after a restart. I've tried setting the cache size to 350MB but it still doesn't work as intended. Opera seems to do it without a single tweak. It can display an SO question even after closing and restarting it while Firefox demands a reload.

How do I make Firefox behave like Opera in this scenario? I'd hate to switch to Opera since it has a tendency to crash when I open many tabs, plus Firefox's addons are to die for.

  • Are you looking to view webpages offline or are you wanting the last webpage to be visible on Firefox startup? – Joel Taylor Sep 10 '13 at 19:14
  • Yes, view them when I'm offline without having to save them. – gebby Sep 11 '13 at 11:32

You can use the Firefox profile manager to work offline.

In order to access the profile manager press Win + R and enter firefox -p

firefox -p in the run dialog

Then in the profile manager select Work Offline

Firefox Profile Manager

Click on Start Firefox and you will be able to browse your history offline.

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