I want to set "Formula" to all cells in certain column whatever the number of rows was.

But i don't want to set this function to first cell "Header" of this column.

How do i make it ?.


If your header is in cell A1 and your formulas need to start in A2 and go to the end, start by selecting A2, press (and release) "End" then press "Shift+Down Arrow". Now everything from A2 to the end is selected and you can paste your formula. If you have no data in A2-A65535, you will select the entire range. If you have data, this will only select to the end of the list of data.

  • A couple notes: 1) Since he's using Excel 2007, the last row would actually be A1048576. And 2) If you have data in the column but you still want it to go down to row 1048576, after you do the last step here, just press End, hold Shift and press Down Arrow one more time. – Travis Nov 5 '09 at 17:44

I think you may have to reword this a little for people to understand exactly what you are after. Are you trying to reference the range of all cells in a column except for the header? Most likely you can do this using an OFFSET with a COUNTA function inside, for example to get all of column A without the header you could use:


This assumes all the other cells in A have something in up to the end of the data range, no blanks in between.

What function are you trying to point at this range?


for example if you want to apply SIN(x) on a set of data in a row, in a vacant cell type: =SIN("click on the first cell of the row") then press "enter" then grab the handle of this cell and draw it up to the last cell. now you have a set of data in a row each cell of which is has the value of the SIN(the original cell)

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