How can I reset all the SSH settings, so that it worked as after fresh install? (I may delete the keys, they're not needed anymore.)

In Ubuntu 9.10, after a certain moment I started getting "Host key verification error" on every SSH server! This doesn't happen if I boot U9.10 from a USB stick.

culebron@culebron:~/.ssh$ ssh culebron@217.******
Host key verification failed.

~/.ssh/known_hosts doesn't exist (I must have removed it by an advice to "clean" known hosts list), yet SSH doesn't ask me, as earlier, if I want to add a host or not, just "Host key verification failed" every time.


Backup ~/.ssh on your computer, rm -rf ~/.ssh, try again. If that works, figure out which part of your old ~/.ssh was causing the problem (if you care).


You just need to delete the known_hosts in your ~/.ssh. Not everything. Try to paste an ssh -v output.

  • His question states '~/.ssh/known_hosts doesn't exist'. – churnd Nov 2 '09 at 20:46
  • whoops ;) In that case a verbose log might contain the answer. – wishi Nov 2 '09 at 21:28

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