I would like to run the Windows Desktop Search indexer at below normal priority. When I try to set this via task manager, I get 'Access is denied'.

Is there a way to remove whatever restrictions are protecting this process? Or ideally, configure it to have the lower priority on startup?

XPSP3 btw.

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If you are logged in as Administrator, give Process Explorer a go. I've changed priority of processes before that Task Manager was unable to change.

If you don't really need it you can turn it off altogether (Go to the properties of your C:\ drive, and uncheck "Allow indexing service to index this drive for fast file searching" then hit apply). Everything from void tools is much faster for finding files.


Apparently it already has low priority, but chews up resources anyway.

From http://kadaitcha.cx/performance.html:

On a new system, the indexing service can take days to settle down. This is because the service puts a low priority on its work. Despite this low priority, the indexing service can cause serious performance degradation, especially in lower-end machines because the computer's hard disk runs continuously

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