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I'm trying to learn some basic unix file scripting for an Informatica project I'm working on. I've used a few scripts in the past and have only a very rudimentary idea of what to do so I'm just playing around with the various parts of an existing script.

I can't make heads or tails of some of the behavior of the commands. Here is an example using ECHO. The thing appears to just randomly return one of: the variable I defined, the variable name, or an error.

e.g. why does:

$ _Src="/home/axxxxxx"
$ echo "${_Src}"




$ INFA_HOME="/home"
$ echo "${INFA_HOME}"


ksh: "${INFA_HOME_^H}": bad substitution

other inscrutable behavior:

$ echo "${INFA_HOME} now"
$ echo "${INFA_HOME} now"
/home now
$ echo "${INFA_HOME} "
$ echo "${INFA_HOME} now"
/home now

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Likely because the script actually contains echo "${INFA_HOME_backspace}"

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