Windows 7 x64

HDD 1 SATA multiple partition including windows in C:\

HDD 2 IDE (I added this drive later to the system) partitions-1 primary partition-2 logical

windows page file: system managed

since ide appears as Disk 0 in diskmgmt and first partition on this drive is also primary in addition to SATA c:\ primary I think IDE takes priority and my system creates a pagefile.sys on this IDE drive partition-1

When I remove my HDD 2, pagefile is created on HDD 1 SATA as it should be.

I wish to keep page file as system managed and stop the IDE drive creating a pagefile.sys on it. Because this IDE is less capacity drive and pagefile.sys taking lot of space unwantedly on it.

is there a way. should I make IDE HDD all partitions logical or any other way possible?


If you want to let the system to fully manage the page file(s), then you have to let it do what it wants.


Uncheck "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" and instead pick (just) the drive you want a system managed page file on, and set it to "System managed size".

Then select the drive(s) you don't want a page file on and set it to "No paging file".

Windows 7 Virtual Memory dialog

  • Thanks for reply, I changed the partition type on HDD2 partition-1 from 'primary' to logical from direct boot utility. but with system managed, same partition gets pagefile.sys . reason is that my RAM is 6GB and this HDD2 partition is the only one having more than 6GB space free, all partitions free space on HDD 1 have are far less than 6GB available. anyways I think that's the way to go you told. either system managed or set manually and exclude he required partition. – sunnyimran Sep 21 '13 at 15:20

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