I have a pivot table that has 3 columns with values. I need to perform a search of these columns and return a value from another column. The issue is this - I need excel to look at the 3 columns and if the 1st column has data, I need it to see the that it has a value, and if the other two have a value to not return the value from the other column. Example, if:

 | A  | B  | C  | D  | Answer
1| 1  | 1  | 1  | X  |

No value should be returned from the "Answer Column".


 | A  | B  | C  | D  | Answer
1|    | 1  | 1  | X  |

Then value returned from "Answer Column" (D1 = "John Smith").

Next, if any of the other column cells have a BLANK value then no value is returned from the "Answer Column".

I have attempted this with nested IF(OR) statements and tried using ISBLANK as well, with no success.


This is a very simple formula checking if A1 is blank if not it gives #N/A, you may replace #N/A with "". This formula works for the 2 test cases you presented as I understood them.

  • This doesn't work in the first case. If A1, B1, C1 = 1, 1, 1 respectively, your formula gives the value from D1 while it should give blank. – Jerry Feb 8 '14 at 8:11

You can use the formula:


This checks first if A1 is blank and that B and C are not. If both are true, return the answer from column D, otherwise, return a blank.

  • That was what I needed. I just couldn't see it as I was hanging up on the ISBLANK! I appreciate the help and quick response. – Dave Sep 24 '13 at 12:38

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