I like to set a lot of keyboard shortcut (you can call me a shortcut freak) thus I have been assigning quite a lot of shortcuts in the shortcut mapper. After assigning I found out that some shortcuts doesn't work and some will. It turns out that there are some shortcuts being set the same key combination - for example assigning keyboard shortcut of Set Read-only = Ctrl+Alt+R and the default Text Direction RTL = Ctrl+Alt+R.

Of course the solution will be just change my customise Set Read-only shortcut key to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R but there are quite a number of them and the only way I can identify them is either by checking through all each time I set a shortcut key or when I realise the shortcut key doesn't work. Which, both isn't a really efficient way especially in the case adding more shortcut keys when I got a new plug-ins or when I found that I can make use of it better with shortcut.

So, given that keyboard shortcut are supposedly to make work more efficient I had been searching for ways to overcome the problem stated above. The first place I look for solution is looking for a plug-ins which up until now I still haven't found one yet. For other workarounds, I tried to search around for changing the notepad++ config files and even thinking of using some batch files with the help of Nircmd but I am not that savvy in batch file commands and I feel it's too limited for this scenario.

Anyone else experience similar issues? I am pretty much clueless and it will be great if someone can shed some light. (I can't put a bounty as much as I wanted to as bounty does seems like a answer magnet)

  • All right then I will delete the stackoverflow question. Please remove your down vote. I am already pity enough for not having an answer and with only one reputation point =P
    – wiz-_-lee
    Sep 26, 2013 at 10:46
  • @wonea thanks for the edit! Even though no one responded yet but at least I learnt how to use <kbd> markdown
    – wiz-_-lee
    Oct 2, 2013 at 5:29

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Update to latest Notepad++ (v. 7.5.1 as of 2017-08-29). Its improved Shortcut Mapper now indicates key assignment conflicts and this way it helps prevent problems with keyboard shortcuts like the ones you describe. Very useful feature.

  • Very useful indeed, thanks for the tip. I just checked it and the funny thing is that I have an vanilla installation in this computer and already have several conflicts... Oct 5, 2017 at 0:51
  • Great to know that! I am currently using Sublime Text 3 due to this limitation last time, for the nicer dark theme, cleaner UI and for sublime being much better at handle large file (>100MB). Not sure the other aspect of N++ have improved since but certainly happy to know the main drawback is solved =)
    – wiz-_-lee
    Nov 25, 2017 at 15:00

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