I have Windows 7 installed on Harddisk01 on my PC. This copy holds my development environment. I'd like to install Windows 7 on another harddrive on my PC, and let that copy handle things like gaming.

The reason is that when I'm developing, there are a lot of processess that start up; I'd like to keep from having to manually end those processes and have a configuration geared towards gaming.

If that isn't possible, is there a good tutorial on Windows Startup profiles that will help me configure Windows 7 in various profiles and stop/start services for each profile?


Short Answer, No. Slightly longer answer, you probably could, but you'll likely have licensing and activation issues to deal with.

An alternative method from the Startup profiles could be a simple batch script that cleans up processes before you start gaming. Create a new file on your desktop, rename it to "Gaming.bat", and put a line in for each unnecessary process:

TASKKILL /F /IM process.exe

The /F forcefully closes the process, so you can experiment with not using /F on some processes if you're afraid of lost data in those.


Legally, no. Although it's on the same machine is still a separate instance of the OS. The license does not allow for concurrent installs unless you have a VLA (Volume Licensing Agreement).


Failing the dual booting option, something like this may help... http://www.allscoop.com/dotnet-software/service-manager.php

I used a similar windows service manager application years ago and it worked well. No recent experience though.

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