In the MySQL/MariaDb command line client, if I have the cursor in the middle of a long query and I want to abandon that command I have to

  1. reposition cursor at the end of the line
  2. check whether the end of the line already has ; or \G or \g, and if so backspace to delete those.
  3. if the query (often loaded onto the current line by accessing history) contains several SQL commands, I would need to ensure that none of those was going to execute by replacing all ;s with \c
  4. append \c
  5. hit Enter.


  1. reposition cursor at start of line
  2. type # to make the whole thing a comment
  3. hit Enter.

This is a huge amount of work for a common need. In bash, I hit Ctrl-C and it gives me a fresh command prompt ignoring whatever else was on that line. But of course, do that in MySQL and it exits the whole client.

Is there a shortcut for this?


A couple shorter options:

  • Ctrl-A to get to the beginning of the line, followed by Ctrl-K to (forward) kill the entire line.
  • Ctrl-E to get to the end of the line, followed by Ctrl-U to (backward) kill the entire line.
  • Can't use Ctrl-A because I'm always in tmux but the E, U, one looks a hopeful shortcut to learn, thank you. – artfulrobot Sep 26 '13 at 20:16

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