There are some softwares offered by Philips or Asus that come with their Monitors.

Like when in Windows 7, if you pull a windows far to the left, it will suggest that the windows will take half of the space in the desktop.

But I want to divide my screen to 4 equal squares. So if I pull a windows to top left corner, it should automatically adjust to 25% of the total screen.

Hope what I am telling is clear,


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You could try Aquasnap. It's free to download for personal use and it can only be used on a single monitor. You have to pay to unlock multi-monitor support.

Key features include:

  • Can resize windows to half screen and quarter screen.
  • Multi-monitor compatible (paid version).
  • Works with child windows of Multiple Document Interface (MDI).
  • Skinnable interface.
  • Multilingual GUI.


It's free, it works on multiple monitors.

You just have to watch the config because it "traps" the 0 on the numlock keyboard.

I use it daily!


Another alternative is the following free tool, a desktop window manager with configurable short cuts, I've been using this myself for a good few years and never had any problems with it.



This is for future:

I found something called: MaxTo. Really nice.

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