The User Account Control (UAC) notifies oneself before certain changes are made to your PC ie those which require Administrator level permissions. But sometimes this can be annoying especially for programs that I run frequently and know that I can trust.

Whilst I do not wish to disable the UAC prompt for the whole PC, I would like to run certain programs bypassing the UAC Prompt in Windows by creating an "elevated shortcut".

I also wish to create this elevated program shortcut without the use of third party applications (if possible).

Anyone with experience of creating such a shortcut, would be most appreciated ?


Run the task scheduler, create a task, make sure the checkbox "Run with highest privileges" is enabled, go to the Action tab and select which program you want to run.

Now create a shortcut C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /RUN /TN "taskname" and now always use this shortcut to run your application.

I explained this several years ago on msfn in detail.

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