I received my chromecast and it worked well for a couple of days. I watched full length films on Netflix and rocked out for hours on G music. Then suddenly, it started buffering every few seconds. I've tried resetting to factory defaults, but no luck. This leads me to believe that the issue it's in the router/chromecast communications or the chromecast hardware failed. I still have connectivity since it will try to play the movie or song, but stops often. I also have enough bandwidth since my phone handles it no problem. How can I debug the issue? Are there any suggestions for setting my home router?

  • I don't know what you mean by a different browser? To be clear this is for the chromecast device, not the chrome browser. My phone can stream without issue using the same wifi network the chromecast is on. – Adam Oct 1 '13 at 16:31

The issue was with WiFi conflicts in an urban setting.

The biggest difference in bandwidth came with disabling N on my router and forcing it to stick to B/G. From my reading this helps since N attempts to grab 2 channels worth of bandwidth, fails, then tries a single one. With over 100 networks in the area, it probably never got 2 channels for N and constantly rolled back to G equivalent anyway, but only after failing.

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