I used to keep my git aliases in a file outside of my .gitconfig file, in the normal format of:

alias gb="git branch --verbose" which worked great. But, after looking around at others' dotfiles, I thought I'd try putting them in my .gitconfig and see how that felt. But, I got a little hung up on how or if I can use the actual word git inside of the .gitconfig aliases.



    g = git
    a   =  add
    b   = 'branch --verbose'

This doesn't work (with or without the ! in front of the g).

❯ gb
zsh: correct 'gb' to 'bg' [nyae]? n
zsh: command not found: gb

Now, I can put this alias in .zshrc, but it doesn't work that way either. I get the same output as above, even after reloading my shell.

alias g='git'

Are people manually typing out git a, etc. every time?

  • I'm looking for a better solution for this as well. Ideally you could use alias g="git " (with that trailing space) and then run gs and the s would be interpreted by the git aliases. Unfortunately aliases with trailing whitespace mean search other aliases for any other passed characters/arguments. Trying to find a way around this. – Keith Smiley Dec 9 '13 at 1:06

Are people manually typing out git a?


Or you can define a shell alias (in addition of your git alias)

git alias b='branch --verbose'
alias gb="git b"
  • 1
    I wonder why you can't this do in a file that isn't .gitconfig: ````` alias g="git " alias a="add" – Kevin Suttle Oct 3 '13 at 14:03
  • @KevinSuttle if this isn't in a .gitconfig, that means it is a shell alias. And shell alias works with a complete command, not the composition of two separate commands/parameters. alias gb or alias ga is fine (and can be defined in a .profile or .bashrc). – VonC Oct 3 '13 at 14:06

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