I have read/write access to an SMB share, but I do not have access to the box itself. My end goal is to create a symbolic link of some sort inside the share to another share, so that other devices connected can access the share. My problem is that the devices I have connected to the share have a hard coded reference to the shares and I cannot add anymore ... e.g., they only see this:


And I have:


I do not have anything besides file system access to networkshare1, but I do have full permissions for the folders.

I'd like to have something like:


And if you hit that directory the networkshare2 videos folder is exposed.

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Symbolic links to network shares are not allowed.


if you can create a symlink to the actual disk location instead of the share, you can set 'follow symlinks = yes ' in your smb.conf, and it will work. I have my nas set up the same way, so that content from multiple disks can be exposed via a single share.

if you can't acutally create the symlink on the server, then you will have to try Scott Chamberlain's advice above.


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