I have a list to links of flv files (not youtube or anything like that.) The problem is that you can't embed them, you need to use a flv player. Instead, I would like to open them all in VLC as a playlist, but as far as I can see, you can only open them using 'network stream' one by one. Ideally, I'd like to take the list and copy/paste them somehow into VLC. Is this possible?


There are multiple ways of doing this

Using the GUI

  1. Hit CTRL+L to open up the playlist window in VLC.
  2. Right click in the playlist window and choose Advanced Open...
  3. Click on the Network tab, enter the URL, and hit Enqueue
  4. Repeat this for each of the URLs

Using the command line

Use this syntax:

vlc <URL 1> <URL 2> <URL 3> ...

Using an external tool

You can create an XSPF playlist using an external tool like this one. Then, just open the playlist with VLC.

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Put links into a plain text file separated by newlines and save as *.m3u. Then open it with vlc.

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  • This is so awesome! Thank you – tmhs Mar 26 at 17:12

You can use this open source project to generate your playlist : https://github.com/sybaris/PlayListGenerator



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