I'm trying to make a symbolic link via the windows command prompt. I am using a drop box-like service called Copy. it creates a new folder which it syncs to the web and other computers that it's installed on. I want to sync my pictures folder to it without creating duplicates on the hard drive.

This is the command I'm entering, but I keep getting an error message, and i think it has to do with the space in my folder name. Please let me know if that's the problem and what i can to do fix it. thank you in advance

C:\mklink /D C:\Users\Drew\Copy myemailaddress@gmail.com\Pictures C:\Users\Drew\Pictures


Try using this for your spaces:


Or setting the path in double quotes:

C:\mklink /D C:\Users\Drew\Copy myemailaddress@gmail.com\Pictures "C:\Users\Drew\Pictures"
  • That worked! Thank you so much! Do I need to mark this thread as resolved? – user169126 Oct 4 '13 at 19:45

Just in case you need to link a name containing spaces to a target containing spaces, you need to enclose both of them in quotes:

C:> mklink /D "My Documents" "C:\OneDrive - My User\Documents"

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