I am looking for freeware/open source application which can monitor the shared folder on local network. I did use some freeware application , but forgot its name.

I Would like to see who are all currently using that particular folder and even get notified when changes happen.

  • What do you want exactly? See which folder are shared on the network? Or be warned when the content of a shared folder changes? – Snark Nov 4 '09 at 8:43
  • What operating system are you talking about? – Josh Hunt Nov 4 '09 at 9:04
  • Added Tag, I am taking about Windows XP or Higher. – ukanth Nov 4 '09 at 9:16

If you're looking for a tool to alert you when someone is accessing your shared folders, see this article:
Monitor and Notify when Shared Folders being Accessed

Or this article for a tool that can tell what file the user is actually accessing and can log it down for future reference:
Track Who Modified or Deleted Files in Your Shared Folder

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Read the Globinch.com article on good tools to Monitor Shared Folders and Network Folders in Windows and Get Notified

Quote from the article:

Using “Computer Management” you can easily find out who is accessing your Shared Folder.

How do you access “Computer Management”?.

  • Go to Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management
  • Or Right Click My Computer – > Manage -> Computer Management

Expand the “Shared Folders“. Here you can see shares, sessions and open files.

The article also suggested the following tools:

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