Using Microsoft Word 2010, if you click on the Insert Symbol (Ω), you can create custom key bindings/ combinations to insert certain characters into your Word document. For example, I wanted to be able to insert Ō (an "O" with a macron above it). So, I created the combination ALT + SHIFT + O.

I have about two dozen of these combinations that I use on occasion. When I re-format my HD, I have to re-do these combinations when I re-install MS Office.

So, my question is, where would these custom key combinations be stored (file location) so I can save it in the future?

Thank you.


The Normal.dotm file is the default settings file for Word 2010. You'll find the file located in a location similar to the following:


TIP: You can type %AppData% in Windows Explorer to quickly navigate to the AppData/Roaming folder.

When you re-install Microsoft Office you can simply copy this file into the Templates folder and replace the existing file.

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