I'm running the latest Raspbian distribution and just installed the transmission packages.

I've been unable to set it up properly because whenever I run a transmission-remote command - say, to alter some base configurations - I keep getting the same error:

$ transmission-remote -DU -c required -p 9091 -w ~/torrents
Unexpected response: <h1>401: Unauthorized</h1>Unauthorized User: deflate, gzip

I can't find any good docs or tutorials out there to troubleshoot with, and I suspect I missed out on a step in the initial setup process which has resulted in this error. I'll already tried setting a username/password, i.e.

$ transmission-remote --auth myusername:mypassword

which succeeded, but it's still throwing the same "Unexpected response" error for all other commands.

Does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening?


I can do it passing the user/password with flag -n

pi@raspbmc:~/torrent$ transmission-remote -a prueba.torrent Unexpected response:

401: Unauthorized

Unauthorized User: deflate, gzip

pi@raspbmc:~/torrent$ transmission-remote -a -n user:password prueba.torrent localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/ responded: "success"

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