I have installed the last version of EVGA Precision X: 4.2.1

But in the Profiles tab there isn't anymore the Section to manage 2d/3d profiles:

enter image description here

That was pretty useful as it let me to rise the clocks while playing. Any way to manage 2d/3d profiles automatically?

I have a Geforce GTX 260 with Windows 8

Update: Solved by using MSI Afterburner


Since version 4.1 the server isn't part of the client-installation. So the server-dependent functionalities are hidden.

You have to install the server manually.

Excerpt from the 4.1 changelog:

The server is no longer being distributed as a part of client applications like EVGA Precision. Now it comes with own installer and can be optionally installed when necessary. EVGA Precision will automatically hide any server dependent functionality (such as On-Screen Display, framerate monitoring, automatic 2D/3D profiles management, screen capture and so on) when the server is not installed

Complete Changelog

  • I have switched to MSI Afterburner is working much better without having to install other things – user63099 Oct 9 '13 at 0:04

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