I am having this problem with alt-tabbing where if I alt-tab the program switcher shows up, but it flashes so fast that you can't read it and it also does not actually alt-tab, it stays on the same program.

Another thing that is going wrong is if I hover over opened programs in the taskbar the preview is displayed, but it flashes, and if I try to click on it I can't. If I click on the program in the taskbar it will open, but only if there are not multiples of that program running like two notepads, in which case I can't open either of them.

I have looked in many places to find solutions and couldn't find any.


Perhaps this is an issue with your computer having a bad time with Aero so you could try disabling it.

Right Click desktop >> Personalise >> Select 'Windows 7 Basic'.

Does that help?

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    My computer is currently running windows 7 basic – PowPow Oct 9 '13 at 12:07

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