I'm trying to draw a basic line, but instead it draws an arrow shape.

I select the Line Tool from the toolbar. I set up its fill and stroke colors and thickness. I simply try to draw a line with it. But it prints an arrow instead of a line.

I switch to Custom Shape Tool and select an object (e.g.; a rabbit). When I return back to the Line Tool, it still draws an arrow. So I guess it is independent with the shape selected in the Custom Shape Tool.

I don't see a Geometry Option in the toolbar, so this answer doesn't help me in Photoshop CS6.

How do I make the line tool draw lines?

EDIT: I don't see this horizontal toolbar:
enter image description here


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This thing has been giving me a headache too! I finally found the answer myself.

Do you see the arrow drop-down menu next to the Custom Shape tool? There is a check box for Start and End. Uncheck them both, and it will draw a line instead of an arrow!


If you're looking for the arrowhead options, it's located on the gear (default position): Arrowheads

If that doesn't work, try to reset the line tool: Reset Tool


With line tool selected go top left screen and click drop down arrow next to line image. Then click settings and click Reset tool.

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