I have a ERP software here that used the short cut Alt Gr + Tab in certain windows to jump between different tables. In WinXP this worked fine, now after upgrading to Win7, this does the same thing as Alt+Tab, but the window then sticks. I want to use that shortcut (Alt Gr + Tab) for the function in the ERP software, so is there a way to disable that function in Windows?

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You can use Autohotkey to achieve this.

Use this script to overwrite the function.

IfWinActive ahk_class TheNameOfYourWindow
   Send <^>!{Tab} 

This script will disable the AltGr + Tab hotkey, when the window of your ERP-software isn't active and overwrite the function.
Attention You have to change the "TheNameOfYourWindow" to the real name of your window of course.

As I'm currently not on a windows-system, I wrote that without checking if its correct. If this isn't the way you look for or it won't work, you can also have a look at the autohotkey Overriding Hotkeys site.

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