Like the question says, I'm really having a problem where, although I've signed up for a Western Europe Windows Azure VM, whenever I access a site or service from this server I'm getting assigned a U.S IP Address.

This is really problematic because those services require my IP to be in Europe. Anyone else have this issue and know how I can change the IP somehow?


  • The address is determined by the gateway you connect by. Have you asked microsoft for a different gateway? – Colyn1337 Oct 12 '13 at 22:17

There's no country-specific affinity with IP addresses. Microsoft chooses the IP address ranges for its data centers. You can see a recent list (July 2013) here.

There's no way to choose your external IP address; this is assigned to you when you deploy your service (Virtual Machines or Cloud Services with web/worker roles). For Web Sites, the external IP address is shared, given that Web Sites is a multi-tenant system. With Virtual Machines & Cloud Services, you'll get a unique IP address assigned on a per-deployment basis (yourname.cloudapp.net gets an IP).

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