Is there any way to get a single wide desktop wallpaper to span a dual monitor setup in OS X?

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    Thanks for the program name. In case anyone else stumbles across this, MultiScape can be found on Github github.com/robbiet480/multiscape – user114301 Jan 19 '12 at 3:09

Without splitting the image by hand into two halves (one for each monitor)? Not currently.


Their is a program called Multiscape that would automatically do what Chealion explained by getting your screen dimensions and automatically sizing and splitting the wallpaper. Although the google code page is down. If you want to go on a treasure hunt Multiscape is what you're after.


The Mac App Store app Multi Monitor Wallpaper worked perfectly for me, despite my rather unusual display configuration:

  • MacBook Pro (2017, 15")
  • Four external monitors (5 total monitors)
  • Combination of retina (built-in screen) and non-retina (all 4 externals) displays
  • 4 of the monitors are side-by-side, while the 5th is positioned on top of (above) the others
  • One of the external monitors is in portrait orientation (other 4 in standard landscape orientation)

Multi Monitor Wallpaper shows you an outline of your combined monitor layout, and allows you to stretch / zoom / reposition your selected image across the monitors.

It then automatically handles cutting up the image and setting it as the background image for each monitor.

I have no affiliation with the app; I'm just a fan!

  • This app cost $2.99 as of this comment – Jonathan Gawrych Oct 16 '18 at 21:12
  • It is now $10USD per year! – muzzamo May 10 '20 at 22:45

Adding a follow up here so it ends up on the google indexes. I have a way to make this work for static and dynamic backgrounds using some open source tools


  • You'll need Homebrew unless you're ready to do a lot of ./configure && make && make install
  • The base prereq: imagemagick >= 7.0.8-50 (i.e., brew install imagemagick)
  • For dynamic desktops you'll need Xcode (App Store), wallpapper, and jq (i.e., brew tap mczachurski/wallpapper && brew install wallpapper jq)

Steps: I'm using Catalina.heic and .tiff outputs for an example here but it can be any image format for inputs and output

  1. Make a directory for your images - mkdir -p ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/Catalina\ {Left,Right}
  2. Extract the right and left images (left will be zero or even, and right will be odd) - convert /System/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/Catalina.heic -crop 2x1@ +repage ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/Catalina%d.tiff
  3. If you're just wanting a static background you can skip to step 7 (left image will be Catalina0.<ext> and right will be Catalina1.<ext>)
  4. We need to extract the azimuth and altitude from the original image (technically you could use mp4box but it's overkill) - cd ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures; cat /Sytem/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/Catalina.heic | grep -aoP '(?<=apple_desktop:solar=")[^"]+' | base64 -d | plutil -convert json -; cd -
  5. We need to convert the output to something that wallpapper understands

Right: cat ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/\<stdin\> | jq '.ap.d as $d|.ap.l as $l|.si|map({fileName:"Catalina\((.i*2)+1)).tiff",altitude:.a,azimuth:.z})|(.[$d]["isForDark"]=true)|(.[$l]["isForLight"]=true)|(.[0]["isPrimary"]=true)' > ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/right.json

Left: cat ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/\<stdin\> | jq '.ap.d as $d|.ap.l as $l|.si|map({fileName:"Catalina\(.i*2).tiff",altitude:.a,azimuth:.z})|(.[$d]["isForDark"]=true)|(.[$l]["isForLight"]=true)|(.[0]["isPrimary"]=true)' > ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/left.json

  1. Now we can just get wallpapper to create the files we need: for side in Left Right; wallpapper -i ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/${side:l}.json -o ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/Catalina\ ${side}/Catalina.heic

  2. Now just add the files as desktop backgrounds (open ~/Library/Desktop\ Pictures will open the directory in Finder.app for you)


the google link is down. I found the binary and compiled it. I tried to find a way to contact the creator, but to no avail. I apologize in advance to you, mystery person. http://rapidshare.com/files/330982889/MultiScape.zip

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