I run ConEmu in portable mode (via Dropbox folder) and I absolutely love it.

I was wondering if I could have certain settings change based upon which computer I am running ConEmu on.

For example, on my MacBook Pro Retina, I have to up the ConEmu fontsize to about 36 so I can see it correctly. However, when running ConEmu on my office computer I need the font size to stay at around 18.

Any idea on how I might be able to accomplish this? Thanks.

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You may read about ConEmu command line switches in the "About" dialog (system menu -> About -> Help/About) or in then project wiki.

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So, you may use environment variables for switching configuration, for example using named configuration

ConEmu /config "%COMPUTERNAME%"

or using different xml files:

ConEmu /loadcfgfile "ConEmu-%COMPUTERNAME%.xml"

You may create shortcut for that commands on your desktop. Or, even create shortcut in your dropbox folder, but there is a trick to allow using relative paths: cmd /c ConEmu /config "%ComputerName%"

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