My company has created custom word styles for headings that I am supposed to use in my documents.

There are two problem I'm experiencing with the custom headings:

  • they do not show properly in outline view or document map, making large documents very difficult to navigate when editing them.
  • the headings do get added as bookmarks to exported PDFs

Question: How can I fix the custom headings so that they still have the same corporate look and feel styling, but show up in outline view and document map?

The standard word heading style "Heading 1" is here:

standard word headings

My company's version of the heading style "Heading 1" is here:

custom word headings


Thanks to Adam's answer, I now fix up my documents with the following macro:

ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 1. Numbered").ParagraphFormat.OutlineLevel = wdOutlineLevel1
ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 2. Numbered").ParagraphFormat.OutlineLevel = wdOutlineLevel2
ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 3. Numbered").ParagraphFormat.OutlineLevel = wdOutlineLevel3
ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 4. Numbered").ParagraphFormat.OutlineLevel = wdOutlineLevel4
ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 5. Numbered").ParagraphFormat.OutlineLevel = wdOutlineLevel5

You need to add the Outline option under paragraph formatting to "Level 1" for your custom style to appear in the navigation pane.

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