I have my iPhone and iTunes set up on a specific computer but want to transfer this to another computer.

Do I just install iTunes on the new computer and just sync my iPhone etc.. or is there anything special I have to do ?

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There are a couple of ways to achieve what you want to do:

If you have an iPod (not iPhone or iPod Touch), you can follow Apple's official method :

iPod 101: Backing Up Your Library

Otherwise you might want to read about the various other methods to copy your iTunes library to another computer (may it be a Mac or otherwise):

How to Transfer iTunes Library to Another Computer

This is the method I used successfully which does not require any other third party software:

How to Transfer Your iTunes Library to a New Computer in Five Minutes

On a related matter, should your iTunes library ever get destroyed (disk failure), stolen (together with your laptop) or simply corrupted; there still hope if all your music is on your iPod or iPhone. Senuti is a (non-free) software that can recover music from an iPod or iPhone when the original iTunes library it was synced from is no longer available for the reasons stated earlier. How to Use Senuti

If your entire library is already synced your Pod, you can use Senuti to copy all the music on the device to the target computer of your choice:

Senuti - Copy music from iPod to Mac

Senuti is available http://www.fadingred.com/senuti/

The trial version can only recover/copy up to 800 songs.

  • I used the third method a few months ago and it worked perfectly. Jul 15, 2009 at 18:11

You can using iTools it has many funtion to backup and copy data from Iphone, access to many folder in iphone and with visually interface, it's very easy to use.


I purchased a new laptop the other day and found the best solution was to install myTuneSync on each computer, then use it to synchronize the two libraries. This avoids any problems with paths, Windows/Mac conversion, etc.

After doing that, you'll need to sync the iPhone with the new computer, which will dissociate it from the original computer.

  • Ok, thanks. What would happen if I just installed ITunes only on the new PC and then did a sync ? - Would it copy all the music/podcasts etc.. from the iphone back onto the new PC ? Jul 15, 2009 at 12:07
  • The iPhone sync is a one way sync, and therefore it will be bound to the first machine you synced on. The direct answer is no. Jul 15, 2009 at 13:03

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