In Firefox, how do I set up URL shortcuts that include a wildcard, %s? I have definitely set this up before on another computer.

For example, if I wanted to view a Jira ticket, I would enter jira XXX-1234 into the address bar and it would take me to http://jira.meanwhileinhell.com:1234/browse/XXX-1234. I remember the entry added to Firefox would be http://jira.meanwhileinhell.com:1234/browse/%s, but I can't remember where I add that.


I might add, I have done this without any additional addons.


Just found out the answer. You add a new bookmark with the %s and give it a keyword. Example

Name: Bugs
Location: http://jira.sutureself.com:1234/browse/%s
Keyword: bug

Typing bug XXX-1234 now brings you to http://jira.sutureself.com:1234/browse/XXX-1234

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