I've upgraded my old video card Gygabyte 7750 to HIS 7790 IceQ Turbo. After installation of card onto mobo, plugging power into video card and powering on, system starts but doesn't boot. Power is on, fans rotate, but there's no video signal. I don't even see BIOS POST screen.

PSU: Chieftec 450-80p
MB: MSI H61M-P20 (G3)
CPU: Intel g850
RAM: Goodram 2x4GB (1333)
HDD: 64GB Crucial m4 SSD + 80GB HITACHI sata2
MON: AOC i2369Vm (connected via hdmi)

System consumes very little power, so it's definitely not a PSU insufficiency problem.

EDIT: SOLVED by updating mobo BIOS

  • Do you even see the motherboard post screen? I was under the impression that the 7790 uses a custom driver version specific to that model -- maybe the old driver is causing an issue? – Ash Oct 18 '13 at 10:39
  • @Ash, thanks for reply. No, I mentioned in my post that i don't see POST screen. – Alex Antonov Oct 18 '13 at 10:52
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    Your graphics card was a pretty significant upgrade. How much power does each of those graphic cards require? Have you verified all the plugs are pluged in, the card is secure, because this problem is a clasic signed of one of two things. The first your system has a very small power supply for the type of card you have the second is would be explained by a short. – Ramhound Oct 18 '13 at 11:04
  • @Ramhound, I had no issues with previous video card 7750. overclockers.com says that HIS 7790 Turbo consumes ~200 watts. So my PSU is enough powerful. – Alex Antonov Oct 18 '13 at 11:12
  • @Alex, sorry, was just double-checking since it didn't explicitly say "no post" at the time. Do you have another computer that you can try the card in? It may be DOA. What is your PSU make/model out of interest? – Ash Oct 18 '13 at 11:16

Thank you all guys, but as i suspected, the problem was definitely not in my PSU. Fortunately, I came across a similar post here and I assumed my problem may be the same. So, i updated my mobo BIOS and... The problem is FIXED!

  • Glad my post helped someone! I just dread trying to sell my 7790 one day on ebay if lots of people will need a mobo upgrade just to use it... definitely something to consider when buying one. – MGOwen Oct 29 '13 at 1:52

Some graphics cards are very particular about installation, including what you do before you even install it. One of the biggest issues people run into is not matching system requirements.

According to the manufacturer's system requirements (product manual), this card requires minimum a 500 watt PSU. You only have a 450.

It also requires 64 bit OS, which you did not indicate what you are using.

Lastly, it states you must uninstall the old graphic drivers BEFORE you install this card and it's drivers.

These things are likely the reason you are not getting a signal to your monitor. You may need to reinstall your old card to get things working again, then start the installation over once your system meets the minimum requirements.

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    as i mentioned earlier, OS (and surely driver) is not a problem since I have no video signal at all. Manufacturers usually overstate sys requirements because a lot of chip chinese PSUs are on the market. My power supply is a brand PSU which is certified with 80 plus standart. A lot of people on the forums confirm that 450 watts good PSU is more than enough to run even overclocked amd 7790 card. – Alex Antonov Oct 18 '13 at 12:13
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    Sorry, I guess I don't understand why you're asking for help then. Your system doesn't meet the minimum systems requirements and (as far as I can tell) you haven't followed the installation instructions, yet you want us to tell you why it's not working. Just because you think it should work, doesn't mean it will. There is always the possibility its a defective card. Have you called the manufacturer? – CharlieRB Oct 18 '13 at 12:31
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    @AlexAntonov - But its not working and the symptoms you describe indicate IT IS a power problem. Furthermore a bronze certified power supply is one of the lowest ratings you can get. – Ramhound Oct 18 '13 at 12:34
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    Thank you guys for support, i found solution! (And yeah, my PSU is not the reason of trouble). I'll post solution soon (because of my reputation). – Alex Antonov Oct 18 '13 at 13:11

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