I'm not an expert at OS X at all, but I saw a screencast one time where the user was on OS X and it showed the keys he was pressing in a little window in the corner. Does an equivalent app exist for Windows that will display key presses in little window for screencasting? A free version if exists?


Check out KeyPosé - Flavour your Screencasts with Shortcuts. It is exactly what you are after:

How often have you found yourself recording a screencast annoyed by the fact that only the mouse is visible? I haven’t seen any screen recording software that provided an easy way to display shortcuts on screen as you type.

Most of the fancy UI stuff happens in OS X land (see Mouseposé ) but I needed the functionality under Windows.

So on a chilly afternoon I sat down and wrote a litte utility that implements a global key logger which diplays all shortcuts and keystrokes as you type - on screen and with a semi-transparent overlay. This makes it very easy to show any shortcuts you use if you for example record a software demo.

To get a feeling what it looks like: Screencast


On OSX The screen recording sofware displays the key on the recorded video. Some version of iShowU does (pro+ whatever, only the high end). This is not a separate program that just displays the key pressed on screen but rather part of the screen capture program.

I was actually looking for such aprogram that displays the keys pressed on screen so that I can have this feature with the lower version of iShowU I purchased :-) And got here...

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