I have just upgraded to Windows 8.1, and after the upgrade process is finished, I can't connect to internet.

I tried running the "Troubleshoot problems":

Troubleshoot problems

It concluded that DHCP needs to be activated:

must activate DHCP

I let it activate DHCP, and I got internet connection back.

The problem is I want to set this PC to a certain IP address (the IP address that it has been using all this time).

I am also using Hyper-V, which I suspect has something to do with this problem.

After I regained internet connection, I tried running one of my Hyper-V VM. From inside the VM I can connect to internet. That VM has static IP address.

I also noticed that in "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections", I usually have a network connection called vEthernet (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Virtual Switch). I didn't find it there after upgrade.

How do I set my PC to a static IP while retaining internet access in Windows 8.1?


I have managed to recreate vEthernet (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Virtual Switch) by unchecking Allow management operating system to share this network adapter in Hyper-V's Virtual Switch Manager and then checking it again.

host virtual adapter

But when I changed the adapter to use static IP, it still can't connect to internet.

  • Are you able to ping IP addresses? For example (microsoft.com). If yes, this would suggest it's just a DNS problem but TCP/IP works otherwise OK. – Nikos C. Oct 19 '13 at 1:51
  • @NikosC. with static IP ping failed with PING: transmit failed. General failure.. – Endy Tjahjono Oct 19 '13 at 1:57
  • Can you please open powershell and do the command Get-NetAdapter -Name * | fl and then copy and paste the text it outputs as a edit to your question? – Scott Chamberlain Oct 19 '13 at 7:58
  • @ScottChamberlain I have included Get-NetAdapter -Name result. – Endy Tjahjono Oct 19 '13 at 8:22
  • 1
    That was the wrong command, I was trying to do it from memory, I don't have my server 2012 box in front of me to test it. The command I was looking for is the one that shows the IP/gateway/dns information. I know it's pattern is Get-Net******* I just can't remember what the ****** is. My money is on the default gateway is not getting set up when you do the static setup. That or DNS, but the ping command would have worked when you pinged a IP if it was DNS. – Scott Chamberlain Oct 19 '13 at 8:33

Check that your default gateway is set for your static IP configuration. From your symptoms it sounds like that is most likely your problem.

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