Right-clicking individual files or folders causes the file explorer for the directory to hang for 30 seconds after which the context menu finally appears.

This happens only when right-clicking individual files or folders that are available offline. Interestingly, it does not happen when right-clicking with multiple files or folders selected, or files only available online. Right-clicking on the SkyDrive directory itself, or the empty space (to access sorting options, etc) does not cause any problems.

I was hoping to take advantage of the SkyDrive integration in Windows 8.1, and this issue is what's preventing me from jumping in completely. I'd be grateful for a resolution, but I wouldn't mind if others could comment on whether they can reproduce this issue.


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I was able to fix this by deleting the SkyDriveEx entry in the registry at HKCR/*/shellex/contextmenuhandlers

that worked for files. Then for folders I deleted the SkyDriveEx entry at HKCR/Directory/shellex/contextmenuhandlers

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