While using the new Windows 8.1, I played around with the compatibility settings for certain .exe files. In the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab.

There you will see an entry named Enable this program to work with SkyDrive files. Any idea what this setting does and how it impacts the functioning of a desktop application, when enabled?

Compatibility setting in Windows 8.1

  • It means you will grant it permissions to your Skydrive folder which is now a system level variable because its part of the User profile. – Ramhound Oct 19 '13 at 17:30

Microsoft explained this setting in an article:

Enable this program to work with SkyDrive files:

Try this setting if the program can't see or open files on SkyDrive. Note: when large files are being downloaded there may be a long delay, with no progress bar reflecting the download.

By default SkyDrive in 8.1 doesn't download all files and so older tools my not work correctly.

He is also a tweet from a Microsoft employee:

Since SkyDrive defaults to offline, a direct look at the file system won't see files. This is to help that.

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