I'm completely new to RegEx and could really use some help with my dilemma. I have a large text file of IP addresses and corresponding hosts: msnbot-157-55-33-47.search.msn.com msnbot-157-56-93-62.search.msn.com

I need a find and replace algorithm that appends to the beginning and end of each line and replaces the delimiter, which in this case is just a space.

e.g. the output after running the regex should be:

'text1' 'text2' msnbot-157-55-33-47.search.msn.com 'text3'
'text1' 'text2' msnbot-157-56-93-62.search.msn.com 'text3'

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Find ^([A-Za-z0-9.-]+) ([A-Za-z0-9.-]+)$

Replace 'Text 1' \1 'Text 2' \2 'Text 3'

Each bracket pair creates a Group, which is then put in the replace function in order with the \1, \2 sections.

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