I'm working on a Windows Server 2008 using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and I want to try VS2010 Beta 2 but I'm not confident it will not tarnish my original development setup.

Has anyone tried to install VS2010 B2 on the same machine as a VS2008?

I've also tried to install VS2010 B2 on a virtual machine (using VMWare 6.5 and Windows XP) but the thing was horribly slow and it crashed all the time. Has anyone had a successful experience when installing it on a virtual machine?

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I have both running on a VM with no issues. I have coworkers running both on a primary machine. It should work just fine, you just need to make sure that when you run vsvars from the command line, you get the vsvars that you want.

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    I'm running both VS 2008 and Beta2 of VS2010 on my primary dev machine, no issues. Nov 6, 2009 at 5:04

I have had no problems installing Visual Studio in a Virtual Machine, however the speed was not even half of that if it was running natively - I am guessing due to graphics drivers and WPF being used a lot in Visual Studio 2010 as when I upgraded to VMware Workstation 7, it has got a lot better (but still not as good as native).

Lastly, to what you asked in the subject, I have had no problems - Visual Studio is VERY good at having multiple versions installed on the same computer - you can pretty much install every version that has ever existed and not have any problems...

... That being said, as much as I have not had any problems, I would warn you about installing Beta code on any production machine as you will have to thoroughly uninstall it all before upgrading to a release version.

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