I upgraded to Mavericks a few days ago and since then I keep getting a pop up floating search box randomly. I do not know what triggered it and I do not know where it is from. It is driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me?

I have alfred and shiftit installed.

enter image description here


It is from QQ.

I'm fairly sure it was introduced with 3.0 on the mac side, though I tend to skip versions so I'm not sure. Since it is part of QQ, closing the app will also stop swiftly from stealing cmd+cmd.

  • Open QQ
  • Go to QQ => Preferences in the menu bar (or cmd + ,)
  • Swiftly will be the tab on the far right
  • Set the "Launch Swiftly" trigger to empty

enter image description here


I believe it's from QQ. QQ has this new feature where you doube tap the command key to call out a Swiftly search box that functions similarly to Spotlight Search.

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