I'm running the latest version of mediawiki using MoWeS Portable II from my desktop. I just installed this extension on the wiki http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:MsUpload

It adds an option to upload files (to be embedded in an article) to the edit screen of an article. After installing it when I try and edit an article I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method OutputPage::addModules() in C:\Users\User\Desktop\knowledge mapedia 10 25 13 copy\mowes_portable\www\mediawiki\extensions\MsUpload\msupload.php on line 65

Also here is what I posted in the localsettings.php file (I put it in at the end of localsettings.php if it makes a difference):

Start --------------------------------------- MsUpload

$wgMSU_ShowAutoKat = false; #autocategorisation $wgMSU_CheckedAutoKat = false; #checkbox for autocategorisation checked $wgMSU_debug = false; #debug mode $wgMSU_ImgParams = '400px'; #default max-size for inserted image $wgMSU_UseDragDrop = true; #show drag&drop area require_once "$IP/extensions/MsUpload/msupload.php";

End --------------------------------------- MsUpload

require_once "$IP/extensions/msupload/msupload.php";

At line 65 in the localsettings.php file there is the following:

line 64 ## Database settings

line 65 $wgDBtype = "mysql";

line 66 $wgDBserver = "localhost";

line 67 $wgDBname = "mediawiki";

line 68 $wgDBuser = "root";

line 69 $wgDBpassword = "";

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


The error message seems to be related to this answer on a talk page of MediaWiki:

The various methods with "module" in their name (i.e. OutputPage::addModules(), OutputPage::addModuleStyles(), OutputPage::addModuleScripts(), etc.) were introduced with ResourceLoader, so they most certainly aren't present in 1.15. I'd suggest upgrading your wiki to 1.18

So, try to upgrade MW to a version >= 1.18.

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